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ITE’s drone division stands out in airport maintenance, delivering swifter and more precise inspections that seamlessly integrate with regular air traffic, eliminating the need for runway closures or other types of disruptions. Our approach empowers end-customers, such as airports, with full autonomy in maintenance, facilitated by our drone-based solutions. In addition to these operational advantages, our innovative solution introduces digitalization, fostering informed decision-making, predictive maintenance, and efficiency gains that result in substantial cost savings. All of these advancements align seamlessly with maintenance guidelines established by Civil Aviation Authorities worldwide.

ITE offers a comprehensive solution portfolio that includes maintenance, inspection and calibration of:

This pioneering drone-based solution has made a remarkable impact in several countries across diverse continents. Our footprint spans to dozens of airports, ranging from major international hubs to remote locations. This widespread deployment attests to the adaptability and effectiveness of our solution on a global scale.

The drone-based solution for airport maintenance is composed of 2 main elements:


The drone system from DJI, a leading drone manufacturer, can execute procedures autonomously, efficiently and safely thanks to precise positioning in RTK operations. ITE integrates its airport inspection solutions into two drone models:

The M-300 offers visual (PAPI, ALS, Runway Lights) and infrastructure (ETOD, PCI) solutions as well as radio solutions (ILS, VOR) through a receiver device integrated in the drone itself.

The Mavic 3 Enterprise model is integrated with all its visual and infrastructure solutions. Its main advantage is its portability, as the drone, along with all its components (controller, battery, etc.), can be transported in a suitcase the size of hand luggage.



Cloud Platform

The Cloud Platform enables mission planning, asset management, data and report generation. Thanks to a database of airports, runways and systems, the Platform automatically plans flights. All inspection results, reports, records and images can be accessed and reviewed anywhere.


Calibration Tool App

Running on a tablet, the Calibration Tool App is an integrated, easy-to-use interface that allows the pilot to automatically perform all tasks while displaying relevant real-time data for each type of inspection. The application executes the Operational Procedures for each of the inspections.


Reports and Automatic Processing

Reports are automatically generated and stored in the Platform. For certain processing, automatic analysis algorithms (AI/ML) of the images obtained are used, thus assisting in the elaboration of data and reports.

The main ways in which this solution is commercialized are as follows:

Solution Licensing

The Integrated Solution is licensed (SaaS) for either one of its inspections modules or for the entire portfolio. All of them can be combined and integrated on the same drone unit.

With ITE Solution, users are completely autonomous and can flexibly perform inspections. Users are trained and certified in the use of the tool and the performance of inspections by themselves.

Implementation within 2 months. It includes delivery and training.


Operational Services

ITE also provides inspection and calibration services on an ad hoc or regular basis. ITE’s Team has ample experience in elaborating risk assessments, handling required authorizations, defining and following coordination protocols with airports and ATC.


Development Projects

Development of customized drone-based inspection capabilities for strategic projects. This service goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions, offering a partnership approach to address the unique challenges of each project.